futuretext is a research and consulting company focusing on the theme of Big Data for Telecoms which includes IOT (Internet of Things) and Smart Cities.

Created by industry thought leader Ajit Jaokar in 1999, futuretext works across the Mobile value chain with Governments, Telecom Operators, Handset vendors and technology providers.

Our research is based on two courses conducted by Ajit:  Big Data for Telecoms at Oxford University and the newly launched citysciences program program at UPM - Technical University of Madrid

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1) Big Data and IOT (Oct 2013)
2) Big Data and Telecoms by the numbers (Ongoing)
3) The Open source IOT ecosystem directory and event (Nov 2013)
4) Applying Big Data algorithms for Smart cities (Nov 2013)

our mindset

Our mindset is inspired by thinkers like Leonardo Da Vinci, who was a polymath. The German word 'Gedankenexperiment' (thought experiment) also encapsulates our philosophy and approach. Today, the Internet connects many previously discrete domains. The shifting tectonic plates will create new winners and losers. A new type of thinking is called for which spans current silos.

We aspire to fulfil that gap and help our customers navigate this changing, dynamic world

our thought leadership

Our thought leadership has also been reflected in the organizations we work with.

In 2009, Futuretext founder Ajit Jaokar was nominated to the World Economic Forum's 'Future of the Internet' council. Ajit also chairs/moderates Oxford University's Next generation mobile applications panel and conducts courses at Oxford mainly in the next generation Telecoms domain. Ajit has been invited to speak at Stanford university, MIT Sloan, Fraunhofer FOKUS (Berlin), University of St Gallen (Switzerland) and Oxford university. His work has been covered in the BBC, CNN Money and other publications and also in talks at conferences such as Mobile World Congress, CEBIT and CTIA.

our readers

Readers from thirty-four countries have bought our books including customers like BT, Nokia, Google and Ogilvy. Our authors include industry visionaries like Tomi Ahonen, Tony Fish, Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Gerd Leonhard and Mark Curtis.

our vision

Our vision is reflected in our expertise. We work on complex projects for example: Smart cities (Amsterdam), Digital Policy (European Internet Foundation), webinos (an EU funded project to create web APIs for next generation platforms including TV and automotive), Operator strategy (Telefonica) and many others.

our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise / focus include (along with illustrative projects)

  • Open Innovation: The OpenGardens blog since 2005
  • The Web across multiple platforms (mobile, TV, automotive, Sensors etc): webinos project
  • Smart cities :working with Smart city initiatives in Amsterdam
  • White space networks: PhD research working with companies like Neul in Cambridge
  • Transhumanism: Book on meditation as a transhumanist technology
  • Digital policy: The policy bloggers network
  • The future of technical education: coming soon

our philosophy

The image of 'Leonardo confined in a walled garden' reflects trapped creativity, a state many find themselves in. The image forms a core part of our heritage, DNA and ethos.

Based on the philosophy of identifying value in the interconnections, we focus on niche, emerging sectors listed above. We pride in being different, flexible and human. We continue to attract talent and innovative companies who work with us

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